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April-Dion-petite-modelThat summer I applied for a celebrity designers model search via facebook. I had high hopes I’d be selected but I wasn’t chosen. Yet one thing I believe to be true is there are many paths to your dream, so never to take no as a final answer if you believe in yourself. I contacted the celebrity via their facebook page and informed them that I am valuable for more than just my modeling skills; I am a publicist, and also work in production. I also expressed that may not be one of their selected finalist chosen to come go California for the final portion of the competition, but would still wanted to support this mission. I was immediately contacted by one of the celebrity’s staff. That summer I ended up volunteering for the production of their reality show competition, which was the second phase of the competition.

During my time volunteering they realized I was told by one of the staff that may have made a mistake by not choosing me, besides having the look I was humble, a go-getter, and down to help build the brand. That summer I was presented with opportunities to interview celebrities from the red carpet for their event.

As a result, I was finally able to prove the agents wrong who had declined me the opportunity of representing me months ago because they believed I was not bookable for a national runway. I had been asked personally by the celebrity to model for her during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami. Several other opportunities presented it self that summer, mostly because of my work ethic and the fact that I believed in myself.

The purpose of this posting is not to brag about how great I am because I believe anyone is capable of achieving their dreams if they work hard and have faith. However, I am trying to convey to you at message of encouragement as you pursue the unique challenge of being a petite model. As a petite model you have to work extra hard, have to model a little taller, more uniquely, and even more fierce then taller models, but this challenge is nothing to cry about because it will make you stronger. So Petites, again, my question to you is when faced with challenges, do you get discouraged or empowered?

“I’ve have always encouraged models of all heights and shapes to NEVER stop pursuing and following your dreams. I think that it is absolutely amazingApril Dion 2 that Ann Lauren & the Bella Petite (BP) team decided not to just sit around and be fed up about the situation that she personally witnessed as a successful petite model, but to do something to change it.

Inspired by her drive, in addition to my desire to continually to align myself with like-minded individuals; which can seen from my website,, I am about all action, about being the change that I wish to see. This exactly what I saw in Bella Petite Magazine that encouraged me to align myself with such a passionate cause and the modeling campaign was the perfect opportunity to show my support.

The professionalism of the staff during the process was one the most comforting experiences. There was so much support given from the Bella Petite readers and the BP staff and I just love that. I like to tell the young ladies that I mentor, “The will be no change if action is not taken, action cannot be engaged until someone or something takes the initiative first. We were all made with a purpose. Let nothing stop you from pursuing that purpose. No “nos,” no unbelief, no doubt, just pursue it and remember to help others out along the way.”  Written by: Bella Petite Cover Model April Dion

April Dion-Bella-Petite-Cover-Model


The Bella Petite Hour “Empowerment” edition with publisher Tess Rutherford of Empowered Magazine.  Special guest the 2013 Bella Petite Model Cover Model April Dion!

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