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Bella Petite Editor Message: I want to impress upon you that we are all equally created. My message of leadership is meant; to ignite female empowerment, inspire confidence, and for us to engage in teamwork collaboration. I want women to look and feel as beautiful as we are, and for us to embrace our individuality because it is our differences that make us uniquely beautiful. 

It is our time to soar by becoming new world leaders representing diversity, acceptance, and world peace.

When we unite in a common cause, we harness the power to make miracles happen, and that is hardcoded within our DNA.

Bella Petite’s perception of beauty is a born hybrid of the beholder, meant for her, to revolutionize the appearance of the modern era’s fourth industrial fashion ethos, by celebrating our diversity. Fashion has no boundaries, only infinite possibilities. Dream Bigger!

My vision uplifts women with positive nondiscriminatory and nonstereotypical media-centric imagery. Unlike all of the other fashion magazines around the world don’t, won’t, and haven’t done, yet. Their flawed narrative is a continual live feed streaming of pics signaling a message for us believe in a false reality.  

A reality indicative of; “glamazonian it gurls, on their covers, editorials, and runways. They’ve labeled them the look of beauty and fashion. Oh, and by the way, you are not it but do play along anyway, and show us your money, honey. Awe, we’re so sorry you paid for clothes that don’t fit you! Snidley, they mock us into making friends with an alterationist. While knowing, that means we pay twice as much for clothing and do it because they projected a look we want to mimic in clothingdesigns made for women 5’8″ tall and taller. And btw didn’t you get the memo? Our clothing only looks good on tall women, as if it were true!” blah, blah, blah.

Is any of this making sense to you? That’s a rhetorical question, lol! Nonetheless, that is the question we sought out to answer. Like any grid system, it’s filled with old code that must be modified. Those glitches within the antiquated beauty and fashion matrix programming nurtured a false perception of reality. 

The trendsetters from ten decades ago controlled the code. We didn’t have access to change it like we do today. Hopefully, you understand and appreciate why I chose never to believe, nor follow the industry status quo. Please do file this knowledge in your evolutionary hard drive, “there’s always a revolutionary cycle that inevitably allows us to alter the code.”

Now you know the ‘why, and that it’s not so crazy for me to have done it.” Bella Petite’s ideology embraces all women of varying; height, age, body type, and ethnicity. Understandably, our central focus is on ladies 5’7″ and shorter because women both petite and middle heights do share a commonality. In the past, we didn’t have equal representation and exposure in the fashion and beauty industry. Today, we do with Bella Petite’s innovative pageants and model searches that metamorphosized the virtual pages of Bella Petite Magazine. 


Bella Petite’s fashion and beauty history record reflectively depicts the “FIRST African American women (Paulette Szymoniak and Angela Brown, and they are petite too” as our national beauty pageant titleist, well before circa December 2019 — shown here in our nationally televised model pageant graphics taken during my live show held at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas from “back in the future…”  I must get the VHS tapes and upload them to YouTube, haha!

So naturally, last month, I couldn’t help beaming with pride in knowing how we paved the way for change to happen! I watched the astonished media tempestuously covered the “happening of four African women! bearing titles representing all four! of the national tall pageant systems and then five when Miss World aired 12-16-19,   as they awkwardly delivered reaction with juxtaposed coverage,” but what the hey, it finally happened and it only took a 100 years!  One must wonder how many years will it take for five petite titleist of all enthicities and heights to win at the same time in these old school of beauty pageants?

After all, for Bella Petite, ethnic diversity is our norm. However, we are happy to see the good ole’ pageants of yester year follow our lead, as we already corrected the glitches in the botched beauty code through doing what comes to us organically.

Surely, if Bella Petite’d FIRST Cover Girl Sundai Love were to enter the Miss America Pageant all over again, during this last December 2019, she would not be saying, “They discriminated against me for my ethnicity.” Instead she’d say they discriminated against for my height.” 

Perhaps as Bella Petite celebrates our Glamazon friends 5’8″ and taller by  acknowledging, and exhaulting their accomplishments in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment world our message will continue to reciprocate by our industry insider partners such as; Paul Fisher of The Network Talent, and Supermodel Kathy Ireland and our contributing friends; Cindy Crawford, Kristy Hinz, Clarissa Burt, Giselle, Chrissy Teigan, Tyra Banks, and many others we’ve interviewed.

In our world of fashion and beauty Bella Petite Magazine “broke down fake barriers, and we built real bridges for women to strut their look together on one grand runway!”

Next Level Beauty and Fashion Promos

A 2020 Spring Release of Ann Lauren Clothing a Bella Petite Collection, we will host live fashion shows featuring Bella Petite Models! New Bella Petite Magazine cover girl winners will be selected monthly; by photo entries and pageants. All Bella Petite winning cover girls will have opportunities to appear in the ALC catalog and fashion shows.

In retrospect 2019 was a clearing out of the old school fashion and beauty codes status code, as it began with the cancellation of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Collapse on 11-22-19, another fashion takedown of old school beauty code!  My next premonition is you will be seeing Ann Lauren Clothing showcased on Bella Petite Models during mainstream Fashion Weeks. 

I don’t just preach, I walk my talk and live by the code. As a teenage girl, I wrote a poem about “DESTINY,” and it will give you a concurrent insight into my thought process. When I wrote the poem, I knew my journey to prophetic purpose would have obstacles, and as any dauntless overcomer knows, our achievements do define what happens in the future.

Also, I want to share with you that on 8-08-16, I experienced a pivotal shift that was a grand revelation and a strengthened connection. A push that transcendent love and space, some may say it was an epiphany, for lack of a better analogy. Time is an energy continuum, our most precious commodity on earth. You only have one life to live in this cycle, so make it purposeful.

What I know is that you must posess a belief system rooted in faith, for fate to happen. When you do, it will be everything you ever imagined your dreams might become. You never can anticipate when that moment will come called fate, or when a loved-one may intervene.

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal growth and my expansion of consciousness. I feel blessed with knowing my DESTINY is about you. I appreciate the many years of loyal readership and participation. 

Today we have fully integrated fashion designed for petite women as promised in Bella Petite’s mission statement. I am forever grateful to have the honor of triggering inspiration in women globally during what is     “2020 THE DECADE OF DESTINY.”


Feeling trapped by evil. You must quell your fears while seizing the power of your Soul’s eternal depths.

Mind affirmed, spiritually showered.

Hold your friends and loved ones precious, understanding their tears.

Delve into each other’s moments of existence in time.

Hold onto to your dreams, giving Birth to the inscription of Life’s Fateful Movements.

Never stray from your soul’s envisioned destiny.

Enrapture and reveal your lust for living.

You shall receive your rewards…what you set forth to achieve.

Remember to always fill your mind with your dreams.

Never disbelieve what you know is your life’s Destiny.

Your Destiny is reality capturing your legacy.

Written by: Ann Lauren  Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2020

Ann Lauren proudly present Bella Petite cover girlS! Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2020

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  1. I want petite model because will I have the opportunity to make my dream a reality because here in greece,have cut my wings .. from when my parents divorced my dreams left behind … I was to assist my mom … and I have lived hard live..because i worked from 13…and now…you are here…to make my dream… 🙂 thank you

    1. Hello Chrissa, the Bella Petite Model search is an international contest it is open to every one around the Universe! We look forward to receiving your photo submission. Much gratitude for your comment. Thank you for being a loyal subscriber:)

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