Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

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Tell Tale Signs It’s Time to Take a Break From Dating

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When we get to that place, we find ourselves dating the wrong guy and accepting things we are not happy with, such as casual relationships, or lack of attention and affection. We tell ourselves we are modern and don’t need that classic boyfriend/girlfriend title etc. and allow ourselves to be taken for granted and ultimately become disappointed when we realize this isn’t us. Don’t allow yourself to get here if what you want is monogamy.

Romantic dateCasual dating isn’t for us romantics and traditional old souls, it’s for the unattached hippy like open minded persons. If this isn’t you then don’t waste your time and ensure that you are seeing the right person who shares the same values, or you can burn yourself out. I have seen this far too often and I have participated in relationships like this too. I have lied to myself and thought that it was ok if we don’t turn out to be each other’s.

When I began to feel tired of the multiple disappointments, I focused on myself, my hobbies and health. I also reconnected with family and friends. These actions helped me gain happiness and confidence. I flirted with excitement again and without any effort IVanesssa and friends found someone special, and better yet he found me.

Once you stop needing to be in a relationship it inexplicably shows up. I needed a break to gain my independence again and gain hope that my type of traditional relationship does exist. It may feel hopeless at times, but the truth is most of us have already had a traditional loving relationship, and we are looking for that feeling again. Don’t lose hope because true love hasn’t happened already, it will happen.

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