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Quadrophenia on the Bella Petite Hour with Alex Mardikian

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Quadrophenia on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) is bringing the rock & roll this week with designer Alex Mardikian.

Alex is the creator behind Quadrophenia, a new lifestyle movement inspired by the timeless music and culture of legendary rock band The Who.

Alex Mardikian President of Quardrophenia

Alex Mardikian, former Founder/CEO of Von Dutch Kustom Cycles, is the man behind the movement, having negotiated the largest lifestyle licensing deal in the history of rock & roll when the company secured rights to The Who merchandising.

The Who, of course, is simply one of the most successful and appreciated rock bands of all time.  In Association with the world’s largest concert promoter, Live Nation this “mammoth collaboration,” as Alex puts it, “opens up the doors to endless adaptations of music meets art, meets culture, meets commerce.”

Mardikian has joined forces with the legendary rockers Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey and Live Nation to create and manufacture the next generation of lifestyle fashion, accessories, furniture, musical instruments, even motorscooters, to introduce a brand which evokes the undeniable cool of the 1960’s mod movement that The Who popularized.

As Mardikian explains, “it’s clothing and accessories that make a statement, that revisit or flourish in the feelings of youth, that wear well and look hip, and that appeal to all age demographics.”

The public face of Quadrophenia‘s current campaign is Bella Petite’s own July cover girl, Angela Phillips! Alex plans to capture the classic style, yet counter-culture edge of our current day “Twiggy” look-a-like (petite) model Angela.

Mardikian exclusively uses petite models in his line because he truly feels, “petite women embody the ultimate in femininity, inspire romance and bring out a man’s masculinity.”  

In fact, he poses 6’0″ plus male models with true petite models to bring out that masculine appeal. Mardikian is the real deal and a design maverick in the world of fashion!

Quadrophenia is coming soon! Find out when…

Podcast now playing! Featuring  Quadrophenia designer Alex Mardikian and the face of his new cutting edge lifestyle movement, petite model Angela Phillips.

This will be sensory overload!


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28 thoughts on “Quadrophenia on the Bella Petite Hour with Alex Mardikian

  1. I can't wait to see the Quadrophenia editorial spread in Bella Petite Magazine with the gorgeous petite models like Angela! You guys really rocked the show and the world! Ann I can't get enough of you girlfriend 🙂

    1. Hi Lana: It is wonderful that you appreciated the show. I agree with you the chemistry was great today and we'll certainly do it again I am sure! Keep on listening and I will do my level best to impress you next week on the show. Thanks again for tuning in!

      Have a great day! Ann Lauren

  2. So cool to listen to this show! What fun you guys are having now that is lifestyle that fits! Looking forward to this fab line! You too sic Alex need a fix of your luvin hun!

  3. More pleasssee! serve me up some Quadrophenia for dinner! Need a looksee signed up and waitin to see whatcha got in store. Will there be some pics in Bella Petit for us to ponder and wonder…

  4. I admit I am a closet petite women admirer. You nailed it buddy on the petite models lookin good in the spread. When will we see the Quadrophenia line. I am into Ben Sherman and wondering what more you bring to the scene…p.s. Don't tell anyone I read this very female site….shhh

  5. Bring on the tickler! The french one you bragged about playin Ann with we'd like to see that video for sure, OMG she is the ultimate petite woman! xoxox*@$%**the money shot tooo, I need a cigarette now. You and Ann are fun to listen too radio duo, play it again! You are a true artist rock on! Looking forward to seeing this unfold in the pages of Bella Petite with petite models. Yay a designer that understands what we want!

  6. Alex you are the Rock Opera of designers! You played those ladies like your own personal key board. We all wanted more! What a petite ladies man! When will we see what you have to offer from Quadrophenia?

  7. This show was the best Bella Petite Hour ever! Great fun and informative this clothing line Alex Mardikian is launching has captured my attention and it speaks to the alternative youth! Bring it baby!

  8. What a wildly cool radio show guest you had Ann! Alex really changed up the dynamics with you. The show was very interesting this Quadrophenia lifestyle movement is outrageous! I am so on this and want to be updated too! Will Quadrophenia have BellaPetite's Angela showing off there line in Bella Petite Magazine? I hope so, because we petite models need to see designers like him giving us the respect! Thank you Alex you rock hard and play hard too I'd imagine 😉

  9. Alex it is really great you are making a new lifestyle line using petites 🙂 I will be interested in buying clothes for real! Yay! I got so into you on the radio show with Ann you two are hotttt! I gotta see a pic with you in that mankini…lookin sweet! You are totally doing something cool!

  10. It is refreshing too hear a fashion designer bringing in a new way of seeing fashion! Someone that has a grasped on what we want and gets it I thought this day would never come…now I can't wait to see your line! positive it will be looking soo good on me and you!

  11. You is raining on my parade joking like that so hard! I am rocking my way through life and looking to join in on the action and you be da change in my pocket! I gotta get my limbs in your rags dude when will that be?

  12. Fun aside: I really enjoyed listening to the show .. Ann has researched well and structured the interview so there was a great deal of good information and insight – and still keeping it fun and entertaining.

  13. Ann you should bask in the afterglow, Amazing Interview! BE THE FIRST TO CHECK IT OUT FB PEOPLE! BELLA PETITE, AND QUADROPHENIA WILL BE A HOUSE HOLD NAME.

  14. What an awesome show!! I loved it! 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing the Quadrophenia with Angela and Ann in Bella Petite Magazine now that's the ticket to ride! Alex Mardikian is the petite woman's hero designer!

  15. Amazing interview! Rock on Bella Petite, Angela, Alex. Bella Petite a real magazine that knows the real petite woman. Check it out girls! Its what we have all been waiting for.

  16. You guys rocked this show! Woowee I need a cigarette…fressh n hott! Bella Petite is on top of it we have something to bragg about for sure! Quadrophenia and Bella Petite making it happen for petites! When can I check out the clothes? I am 5'2 and size 2 I hope it will fit me… 😉

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