November 25, 2020

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Petite, Fashion, Models and Celebrities It’s a Wrap!

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Ann Lauren-Fashion One Interview shot

Recently, Bella Petite held a fashionable photo shoot at a celebrity mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. Fashion One Television was on location to film our high-fashion editorial shoot starring Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girls  in the editorials. Their interview with Ann Lauren was focused on Bella Petite Magazine and our fashion initiative for petite women.

Fashion One Television filmed Ann Lauren interviewing cover models; Heidi Eigenberger, Samara Khatib, Lauren Carter and Jennifer Monge for their network. The Bella Petite segment on petite models aired to over 100 million viewers on the Fashion One Network.  This will be the first time in the history of fashion that there will be comprehensive coverage on a fashion network featuring a petite fashion magazine and petite models!

We are proud to say that Bella Petite Magazine and our petite models made fashion history by being the first and only magazine for petite women to be covered by Fashion One Television a major fashion network!  This was certainly a dream come true for aspiring petite models, as together we achieved a common goal of receiving recognition on a mainstream fashion network!  This was a huge step in getting petite fashion and models the recognition we truly deserve in the fashion industry.

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