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INspaces Comedian & Host Erika Wasser’s Takes on Dating & Fashion in Dubai

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daisy-dukes in dubaiAt the entrance to the malls, there is signage encouraging ‘respectful clothing’ i.e. daisy dukes would not fly and they do ask people to cover up. If you visit the UAE, bring a pashmina. I spent most of the days in either a light leather jacket or an LV scarf, which were very popular over there and a dime a dozen. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

dubai-fashionsI actually loved it. It forced me to really think outside the box about how to be conservative but still feel pretty by day and sexy by night. It was a far more sophisticated way of dressing.

The more traditional men wore the white robes and the women wore burkas or abayas, but some were really stunning with intricate embroidery or lace. As to be expected when all you can really show is your wrist and face, accessories were in high demand and gorgeous. Birkin + Burka = still fabulous. Written by: InSpaces Host Erika Storm Wasser

Erika-Storm-Wasser-Nspaces-3Bella Petite Hour

INspaces comedian and host Erika Storm Wasser shares her humorous New Year’s experience in Dubai with a witty candid take on fashion and dating in an oil rich wealthy nation that is repressed and depraved… or is it? Along with special guest supermodel Kristy Hinze is yet another model now moonlighting with her new venture in the world of doggy couture all on the Bella Petite Hour! TUNE IN NOW

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2 thoughts on “INspaces Comedian & Host Erika Wasser’s Takes on Dating & Fashion in Dubai

  1. Wow! Interesting… The women in Dubai are great example of classy, conservative and sexy! I would love to visit their mall. I remember seeing Kim Kardashion visiting Dubai also. Dubai and the people of Dubai are beautiful! As an aspiring model, it’s always exciting learning more about fashion and the fashionistas all around the world. Great article Erika! ツ

  2. I did not know about the ice skating rink & indoor ski-slope! Women from India are so beautiful and classy. I have a handful of friends who were born and raised in Dubai and hope to one day visit there. The intricate and elegant patterns & designs are stunning, and the culture is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us Bella Petite readers! 🙂

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