December 3, 2020

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Ann Lauren

Brand Ambassador Ann Lauren is the Editor-in-Chief for Bella Petite Magazine, a multimedia complex. Bella Petite is the first and only fashionable magazine in the world featuring petite Covergirl and Fashion models. At the onset of Ann Lauren's career as a petite teen model and beauty queen, she became the leading female advocate for fashion and beauty industry standards to change. Her efforts inspired and empowered women around the world with her petite centric, body-positive, and ethnically diverse events and campaigns to dream big. Her call for petite women to unite, collaborate and participate resonated in the hearts of all women! Lauren has produced over 500 fashion shows, pageants, and televised shows worldwide for petite women 5'6" and shorter; that are fit, curvy and plus-sized, and all ethnicities! Her events are the first and only fashion shows and beauty pageants that challenge the industry status quo. Lauren launched Bella Petite Magazine with a fresh take on fashion and call for height, body and beauty diversity has brought down the fashion status quo, together with her dedicated models, readers and fans. The old fashion rags and events like the VSC Fashion Show are antiquated and irrelevant. Get ready for 2020 ladies! Ann Lauren is delivering what you have asked for and that is for fashion that fits with designer style! She is the lead designer of the brand. We are now ramping up the release of Ann Lauren Clothing exclusively designed for you. Fashion shows, modeling competitions, and catalog opportunities have arrived. "Ann Lauren Clothing is the Rhythm of Fashion." Ann Lauren Clothing is the first and only On-Demand Tech Fashion Brand for petite women; fit, curvy and plus-sizing available. It's our time to shine ladies together we are unstoppable! Bella Petite Magazine is all about us!
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