Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

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Treatment For Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

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women_partying_alcoholThe limited training focused on alcoholism, received by masters level social workers may be a barrier to the assessment of individuals with alcohol problems. Because alcohol dependent individuals frequently present a variety of problems MSWs who lack familiarity with alcoholism may misdiagnose them.

Unable to determine the exact nature of the alcoholic’s kate-moss-partyingproblem, untrained MSWs may expose alcoholics to inappropriate treatment plans or refer them from program to program, believing that another agency or practitioner could better deal with them.

Beyond not being able to identify alcoholism when confronted by it MSWs not trained in alcohol studies frequently fail to ask individuals about their drinking histories during the intake process. This initial failure to consider the possibility of alcoholism as one of the factors bringing individuals into clinical settings is a treatment hindrance. Free to subscribe!

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