Vogue and Modeling Industry Standards Improve

A Union For The Models The truth behind the fashion industry is different than one might imagine, and it is unlike what I envisioned when I first started.  After being in the industry for a while, I really gained perspective.  Little did I know when I first started that I would be modeling fur in […]

No “Italian Vogue” for PETITE Models [petite fashion] [petite models]

No “Italian Vogue” for PETITES Another season of “hype,” …I mean “height” hits the airwaves as America’s Next Top Model launches Cycle 15. September 8th’s premiere proved to be another demonstration of how “petite” models just do not have a chance for “High Fashion Modeling.” This season’s ANTM-Cycle 15 advertises that it’s going “high-fashion,”…um, not […]

A Petite LIE! ANTM Run Amuck [petite models]

Tyra Banks talks about her new season – Here is what she had to say (and what really chaps my ARSE!!): Tyra: “Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally; now it’s a trend. Do you feel responsible? TYRA BANKS: “I am actually really, really happy. When I pitched […]


Can a 5’2″ petite model work in the industry? Sure they can, but to become a fashion model it is not likely.  Even for commercial print modeling, the market for petite models is nearly non-existent.  The realistic answer is “no.” It’s not fair, but  this is a business, it’s not about what’s fair, it’s all […]

Fashion Faux-Pas –Friend, Foe or just Frantic?

By Tana Corporon:  With fashion trends changing throughout the seasons each and every year, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what’s in, what’s out or what’s staying for awhile.  Breaching fashion etiquette is easier than one might think.  It’s not just what you wear or what people initially see, but the many layers that go into dressing […]

Petite Model Kate Moss on September’s Vogue & W Magazines

KATE MOSS: THE MOST FAMOUS PETITE MODEL TO DATE! By Ann Lauren Petite model 5’6″ Kate Moss is as close as we can get to an actual petite supermodel, though she is over 5’5″ tall.   I guess we will go with it for now. Moss opened the door for actual petite models to sneek in! […]