Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

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How To Minimize Schoolwork Stress

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Not OrganizedMy first bit of advice involves effective organization. An agenda/calendar is a must-have. It does not matter if you use the old-school paper kind or the techie smart phone kind. What’s important is that you get one to jot down the due dates of assignments, tests and projects. High school and college students have to juggle several classes dealing with several subjects, so the planner/agenda should never be considered an option; it is an organized work stationESSENTIAL.

I have lost count how many times my students have given me the “deer in headlights” stare when I announce that a major assignment, test or project will be due in the NEAR future.

In contrast, the students who are organized and plan ahead of time always have an unmistakable look of confidence and pride knowing they will be prepared to turn in their finest work because they planned accordingly.

organized bindersBy the way, these students (not by coincidence) also have neat-looking binders/folders with appropriately-labeled dividers with plenty of paper, writing utensils and highlighters. When these masters of organization are absent, they are quick to ask me what, if any, work they missed and need to make up so they do not fall behind.

Are these students stressed? Probably, but it’s the good kind of stress that motivates and is not harmful; these students are successful in school because THEY are in control. This brings me to my next bit of advice: time management.

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