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Having It All College and Career

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The Value of Education_Bella Petite

Today, there are so many avenues up-and-coming models can take to obtain a college degree, particularly the test-out method. When your job is all about traveling whether you’re doing high fashion shoots, parts modeling, or promotional gigs, it is hard to find time to sit at a brick and mortar institution even part time. Testing out of courses allows the complete freedom to be able to work. Also, it affords you the ability to build a portfolio while you steadily work.  You don’t have to sacrifice a degree to enhance that career or help build a new one post-modeling.

Models enrolled in school can look into CLEP and DSST courses and see which tests will transfer to their school. Many students and models alike have used these tests to reduce their time greatly in lectures and graduate early. DSST exams used to be for military personnel only but are now open to the public, and CLEP tests are run by a College Board, the same company that hosts SAT and ACT college exams.

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Testing out of classes works like this: First, it’s important to look into potential distance learning schools or local schools and see if they accept either testing method. Then, it is important to make note of which tests will be taken and which ones to do. After that, buying books to read independently on the subjects being tested out of are important and using online references.

When you are ready, go to a College Board or DSST, website and register for each test. Usually, these tests cost less than 200 dollars and carry a credit weight of 3 credits, or one college course, which is a huge saving. Tests are usually around 100-150 questions and done at a school or testing facility near you. The tests will be timed, and the scores revealed immediately. After taking all the tests needed, the test-taker can request a transcript is sent to their school for credit.

Whether you don’t like college algebra or are terrible with foreign languages, or you want to focus on a trade or modeling career faster, the test-out option is a legitimate way to help obtain that coveted degree. Now get out there and start learning! Here are the links to DSST site:; and CLEP site:

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article and helping me bring positivity forward for women everywhere. I know it will help so many young women dreaming of being models. I want them all to achieve greatness, just not at the cost of their self-esteem or their minds.

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