Petite Celebrity Profile: A Triple Threat Performer Melissa Molinaro

Melissa-Molinaro-singingMelissa Molinaro has truly developed into a triple threat performer! She is an accomplished actress, singer/songwriter and dancer. Her extensive dance background, natural singing voice and acting ability have set her on a direct course to Hollywood. I suspect Kim Kardashian felt threatened by Melissa, a rising star with such an impressive range of talents.

Molinaro recently starred opposite Luis Guzman and Johnny Knoxville in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The-Last-Stand-Movienew action packed release, “The Last Stand.” She was also directed by Nick Cannon, in the comedy film, “School Dance,” playing one of the ‘Sweet Gurls’ called ‘Tequila’ (a spicy Latina). She also earned a role in, “Honey 2,” directed by Bille Woodruff, in which Melissa plays, ‘Carla’ the loud-mouthed Italian comic relief.

Molinaro also starred opposite director/actor Dolph Lundgren as music star “Venus,” in the action thriller “Command Performance,” for which she performed the song “Lost in Love” for the film’s soundtrack. She has also performed as a lead or co-star in “Jersey Shore Shark Attack” and the Penelope Spheeris directed comedy, “Balls to the Wall.”

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